Kihou Table

Design : Hideki Yoshimoto + Edward Slater

This is the table version of Kihou. Several bubble sources are arranged beneath a glass tabletop to create a spectacular view under glasswares. The bubbles appear at random in the beginning and slowly repeat a pattern of synchronisation and desynchronisation, which mimics synchronisation seen in nature, such as fireflies.

Standard Design

Round table with 20 bubble sources

1000 × 1000 × 470mm
Made to order
Price on application

Customisable Specs

Minimum size : 600 × 600mm
Material : fibreglass (pot/visible), steel (pot/concealed), acrylic (pot/concealed), glass (table top), water-based thick liquid (gold colour), silicone oil (dark brown)
Electronics : LED, piezoelectric pump, circuit board, power supply
Power consumption : max 2W per bubble source

The following elements are customisable according to your request:
- design of the 'pot'
- material of the 'pot'
- number of the bubble sources

Kihou Table Kihou Table