Design : Hideki Yoshimoto

Fluff is a lighting system for events or concerts, composed of balloons with luminous LED structure floating like particles of air. The balloons are filled with helium gas and move randomly in the air current. It creates a dramatic space in which the colour and rhythm of light change according to sound input.

Standard Design

Fluff in star shape

1300 × 1300 × 1300mm
Price on application

Additional fee may be charged for software configuration and installation depending on the application. Please enquire for more details.

Customisable Specs

Minimum size : 1300 × 1300 x 1300mm
Material : vinyl balloon, circuit board as the structure, helium gas
Electronics : full colour LED, circuit board, rechargeable battery, wireless modem
Battery running time : 5 hours on average

The following elements are customisable according to your request:
- design of the internal luminous structure (your logo, etc.)
- size of the balloon (restricted by weight and buoyancy)
- lighting effect (colour, lighting patterns)

Additional prototyping fee may be charged depending on the complexity of the design.

Fluff Fluff Fluff