Design : Hideki Yoshimoto + Hisako Sakurai

Cluster is a form of light shade where light is filtered by layers of small glass or plastic balls to cast a complex and striking lighting effect. Each ball is glued individually by hand using a special glue by our technician. Cluster's familiarity derives from the simplicity of its composite spherical units; its novelty derives from its lighting effect.

Standard Design

Glass chandelier

600 × 600 × 600mm
Discontinued product

Plastic chandelier

600 × 600 × 600mm
Discontinued product

Customisable Specs

Minimum size : 300 × 300 × 250mm
Material : glass or plastics (PET)
Light source : standard ES/E27 light bulb

The following elements are customisable according to your request:
- design of the whole shape
- size

Cluster Cluster Cluster